Berrin Ulutaş studied Architecture at the Istanbul Kultur University.

After a successful time working as an architect with the famed architecture company Autoban, she founded her namesake company, Berrin Ulutaş Architects (BUA) in 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, continuing her practice of architecture and expanding her portfolio.

Today BUA is not only a well-known architectural practice in Istanbul and Turkey, but the company also has a recognized presence in the international market, having completed various projects in other countries including Switzerland , Egypt ,Bahrain and Spain.

Since its establishment, BUA has designed and managed construction for various projects including restaurants, private homes, cultural buildings and workplaces – continuing in its purpose to generate innovative ideas, greater cultural and generational diversity, unique experiences, and the expansion of knowledge and creativity – all to ensure that every detail of a project is realized.

Ulutaş has gone on to further explore her interest in creating interconnecting spaces and a dynamic sculptural form of architecture. With comprehensive elaboration and a unique gifting when it comes to problem solving, her designs are expressed in every last detail and drawing. She also has an affinity for furniture design, often executing exclusive custom pieces with her expert team of craftsmen.

Not one to follow trends, Ulutaş‘s multidisciplinary interests and comprehensive education have resulted in architectural structures in which beauty strengthens function. Her inventive architecture has its own language, with designs embodying dynamic and artistic dimensions – ultimately culminating in a pure reflection and expression of her personality – which is as intriguing and different as the forms her projects take on.

“I decided early on in my career that I have no desire to be part of any particular culture. But instead, I knew my task was to create my own language through creative expression.” – Berrin Ulutaş